What to Write in a Journal or Blog?


There are tons of things you can write on journal or blog. I just throw a bunch of ideas to you guys and then you can see and choose which one feels right or seem to stick and just run with it. 

A Daily Routine

This is probably the most old school version of journaling but people still do it. Write about what are you doing on that day. Who are you with. How are your feeling. And so for it

This is cool if you want a record of your life back then. Such as what do you do on April 2011? Instantly you will go back at the moment. The next thing you can write down are your....


What is bothering you right now? You wanna take out all of the emotions and feelings and just get them out of your body and write down on piece of paper or blog. 

A blog or journal actually can act as your personal therapist or life coach. You can do a thought download as well. 

This is when you set a timer 1 to 2 minutes and you just rapidly write everything that coming to your mind. It's really a great way to calm your mind


I really recommend you getting a pocket size notebook and write down your ideas whenever you have it. Sometimes you can't even tell how many times you suddenly got an idea but you tend to say "It's okay, I will write it down later" and then you completely forget it.


You can write a letter to maybe an ex boyfriend or girlfriend that you feel like didn't have a closure. Or somebody that passed away that you feel like didn't have a chance to say everything that you want to say. 

A letter is a great opportunity to express what is your thinking and feeling and want to say to a certain somebody. Whether or not you have an intention to send it, but it's a very therapeutic either way. 

There are some people who write a letter and then burn it out afterward. I guess it's very symbolic for them.

Ideal day

This is when you allow yourself to daydream a little bit. You imagine what you want or real life looks like for 5 to 10 years out. Then you write all about it from the time you wake up until the time you go to the bed a very vivid details and descriptions.


Write down all the things that you grateful for today. It can be a simple bullet point list of things or you can choose three to four things and get a little bit specific with them.