Putri Ariani - Loneliness Lyrics [Golden Buzzer America's Got Talent]

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Putri Ariani - Loneliness Lyrics


I remember when we still one
Your laugh, your voice and your bright eyes
We together in this love
Promise wil forever

Verse 2

And now you left me alone
Cause You find someone better
You're in that way with her
And one think I know


You break my heart
Break my hope
make me so down
In a lonelyness
You left me when I deep
Thought you are
My best scene
Being my prince
but I was wrong
Baby, You change a pink into the blue.


And what does means all the things
That we have written
The great conversations and that beautiful future
perfect definition
Of sadly flower.


I was wrong, I was wrong
I was wrong, I was wrong
Oh, why do I fall in you?


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