If there is one thing that the recent Covid-19 pandemic has taught us, it would be the importance of e-commerce platforms. This was proven clearly during the 3-month nationwide Movement Control Order (MCO). 

When business establishments were closed and people’s movements were restricted, e-commerce platforms suddenly became our lifeline to get our necessities. However, we need to realize that e-commerce is the future of shopping, with or without the pandemic.

Hence, today I would like to share with you some information about PG Mall which might become useful to us, particularly in navigating our post-MCO livelihood. So, keep reading!


If you don’t already know what PG Mall is, allow me to introduce you! 

For a start, PG Mall is Malaysia’s No.1 E-commerce platform where you can buy almost everything, ranging from baby needs to kitchen supplies. 

Established since 2017, PG Mall is dubbed to be the only local e-commerce platform in Malaysia. What’s even more interesting is that PG Mall is ranked as top 3 e-commerce site at Iprice insight report – you can check out the information here


Apart from being proudly made in Malaysia, for Malaysians, there are a few reasons why PG Mall should become your one-stop centre for all your needs and wants. One of them is their latest feature called Wow Store.

Wow Store offers a lot of attractive promotions such as:
  • Storewide discounts up to 15%, so you can save more!
  • Free shipping for selected stores (I mean, who doesn’t love this?)
  • Monthly updates from all participating stores such as Tefal and Elianware so you don’t miss out on any new items from them!
  • Special highlight on weekends with additonal / great discount to make your weekends more meaningful!

Don’t worry, the good things don’t stop there. Apart from Wow Store, PG Mall also offers other on-going promotions such as:

Hot Day Sales 
Have you ever wished for sales to go on forever? Well, wish no more with Hot Day Sales!
  • It has 3 slots daily at 10AM, 4PM and 9PM
  • All the items are Lowest-price guaranteed 
  • Discounts given up to 80% off daily

Loveyou 3000

Things do get better with PG Mall under their Loveyou 3000 campaign. Here is how you can join in:
  • Every purchase of RM30 and above will be entitled to join Love you 3,000 campaign and stand a chance to walk away with prize worth RM3,000 in total!
  • The winner list announcement will be made on 15th and 30th of every month
  • So the more you spend, the higher the chance for you to win!

ConsuMerchant concept

Think it’s impossible to earn side income while spending money? Well, think again! This is definitely possible with ConsuMerchant concept in PG Mall, where buyers are able to enjoy:

Shop, Share, Earn – Earn money while sharing PG Mall with your loved ones through referrals!

Forever Cashback up to 3.5% - Get lifetime cashbacks with every purchases made by you and your loved ones! 

So what are you waiting for? Head to PG Mall now to kick start your fulfilling shopping experience with PG Mall!

Alternatively, if you are interested to find out more about PGMall, you can visit:


Stay at home, stay safe and happy shopping!

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