2am Thoughts by Makenzie Campbell

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2am Thoughts by Makenzie Campbell
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"2am Thoughts by Makenzie Campbell" is a collection of modern poems about the deep feelings we experience in the quiet hours of the night. This book explores love, heartache, and relationships. It also touches on themes of loss and finding oneself. 

Through simple yet powerful language, Campbell's poems help us reflect on our lives, find comfort in our experiences, and learn to love the journey we’re on.

Poems I enjoyed:

1. I indulge myself in books because diving into another fantasy is so much
more calming than living in reality.

2. You say you want us to survive the flames, yet you feed the fire every time
you walk away.

3. You’ve got me writing again. Not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad one.
You’ve reopened my heart and my feelings spill onto the page. They talk of
adventures and crazy wonders and love. But as each memory passes the
ending is near. I look down and find my paper dyed black from the hurt
I’ve accidently poured.

4. I am broken because every time I hear that song or watch that movie or read
that book I think of you and a piece of me falls away.

5. Love is a confusing thing and needs to be held with gentle hands.

6. I build my own walls yet I am
not strong enough to tear them down.

7. Emotions are such a complex concept to understand.

8. Some songs seem to have people attached to them.

9. There were things I wanted to put on paper
but those words hurt too much to write.

10. Pen and paper have healed me much better than any doctor ever could.

If you haven’t yet dived into this collection, I highly recommend it for its raw honesty and beautiful reflections.


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