Smart Guide To Creating The Best Instagram Videos

Instagram was hailed by the young and old alike when it began its foray as a social medium platform. The journey has been an eventful one so far, with the young generation, particularly millennials, excited at the idea of posting images that can make a difference. 

True! A picture speaks more than a thousand words, but the power of a video remains unparalleled. Thus, when trying to kick-start your entrepreneurial project, you would do better to incorporate videos instead of relying on static images.

Go ahead and create the video that you want to showcase, but do not post it until you have fine-tuned it with a quality Instagram video editor. 

Besides, it is also a good idea to be aware of the dos and don’ts of video making. Look into the best practices, and go through the guidelines of Instagram videos before you have them ready. 

Remember that Instagram will give you enormous exposure, so it is vital to get it right. Here are a few tricks that will help you to capture attention big time with your videos.

Use Instagram Feed to the Fullest

Grab eyeballs slowly but surely by including the video in your Instagram feed. Not only will it be visible on the home page, but it will be added to your profile as well. 

This will enable you to get instant exposure for your brand. For this, you will have to match the technical specifications to the T to have it pop up organically in the feed.

However, not all videos appeal to Instagram users. You are welcome to create videos with Instagram video editor that strike a chord with the viewers. 

The types of videos that remain highly popular on this social media platform include:

  • Presentations - Reveal a new product, or inform the target audience about the upcoming services through a video. A beautifully created video is bound to attract attention.

  • Snippets of Interviews - Create an impact by editing a lengthy interview and creating a short, crisp video. The salient points of the interview and the personality of the concerned individual are sure to have a lasting effect on the minds of your viewers in a concise video.

  • Social Videos - Make the viewers aware by providing them with a slide show converted into a video that includes punchy captions. Use the ‘Top 5’ or ‘Top 10’ formats to keep the interest in your content alive.

In addition to these steps, you will need to think about a few technicalities while shooting an Instagram video too. Here are some tips to consider:
  • Create the video in two different formats for smartphone users so that no viewer is left disappointed by the quality.

  • The video goes silent when on auto mode. It is always good to add subtitles for voice instead of asking your viewers to enable the sound every time.

  • It is best to create a separate, square-shaped, optimized thumbnail to be displayed. You can always import it while posting it on Instagram. Otherwise, the platform will automatically pick a visual from the video clip, which may not be the best. Having a thumbnail handy will help you to achieve a professional look.

Instagram Stories to Excite Viewers

Delight your target audience by posting Instagram stories regularly. You get to grab the attention of all your followers simultaneously. Be sure to keep it short, i.e., limited to 15 seconds, and exceedingly succinct. 

And remember to use any of the recommended formats when posting your content. The idea behind stories was to encourage spontaneity, but you can always create and edit the video well in advance before posting it on Instagram. 

You can always resort to the following strategize to truly engage with the viewers:

  • Instant spontaneous videos created at home, work, or an event. They look real and pique the audience’s curiosity.

  • Teasers that excite the audience who will wait eagerly for the next story.

  • Tutorials & unboxing videos are typically posted by influencers to depict “behind the scene” stories, and facts.

  • Social video has remained popular from the initial days of Instagram.

  • Excerpts from podcasts, replete with background images and subtitles, work wonderfully well.

The idea behind creating a story is to keep the narrative flowing and interesting with a convincing message delivered at the end.

Say more with IGTV videos

IGTV was launched in 2018 to give competition to YouTube. While the objective has not yet been fully realized, it gives you the opportunity to post lengthier content on Instagram. Sure, your viewers will be able to access the videos via your Instagram feed. 

However, you can also go a step ahead and create a new, exclusive hangout tab for your target audience to showcase the IGTV videos.

It is important to note that you are restricted to the MP4 format here. However, you can go ahead and create longer videos of up to 10 minutes when you have less than 10000 subscribers. 

The video duration can go up to 1 hour when you have a certified account or enjoy more than 10000 subscribers.

Make sure to shoot the video in a vertical format since this platform is predominantly aimed at smartphone users. Do not squander this opportunity of saying more to your audience. You can always create IGTV videos in the form of:-

  • Long Tutorials - Give a detailed presentation of your products/services by revealing the facts via enticing tutorials, taking care to satisfy all doubts and questions.

  • Full Interviews - You do not have to curtail an interview or edit the content when you create an IGTV video to present the content in full.

  • Micro Report - Keep your audience hooked by displaying mini-reports on topics of interest, and share information with the entire world via subscribers and followers.

Promote via Instagram Ads

You may also promote your brand effectively with Instagram Ads. Do it by displaying the "In-stream" content in the feed, or use a vertical format to tell a story.

Remember, you will have to make additional efforts to stand apart from other Instagram users who are accustomed to posting videos by the day. Get your account certified by Instagram, and formulate a hashtag strategy to draw attention.


Have fun creating and posting Instagram videos, but do not lose sight of the “key performance indicators” to gauge the level of your success. Stick to the strategy that works in your favor, and go out to win over the Instagram followers with clever, interesting, and impactful 

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