7 Activities Couples Can Do Together During Quarantine

When there is too much together time, falling into a routine life kind of becomes unavoidable. However, it is totally up to you, to find new ways of keeping the monotony out of your marriage, in this quarantine time. 

We have rounded off a list of 7 activities that you can do as a couple, and still follow all the quarantine norms listed by the government. Check out the list and get started on your favorite activity.

7 Activities Couples Can Do Together During Quarantine

1. Learn a New Skill

There are so many online learning platforms that can help you learn something new. You can learn to play a musical instrument together; or even better, you can learn to dance together as a couple. 

How amazing it would be to use this quarantine time to learn some Salsa moves or increase some heat amongst yourselves, with some sensual moves of Tango! If you are not into dancing or music, you can also take up creative courses like photoshop and doodling.

7 Activities Couples Can Do Together During Quarantine

2. Go on a Date Night

I am not asking you to move out and risk your life; I am just saying that you can create a date-like ambiance in your home itself. Light up some candles to create a romantic setup. Dress as if you were on an actual date. 

Cook something that you both love eating (whatever suits your taste buds!) and have some romantic conversations with your partner. Life in quarantine need not get too boring!

3. Work-out Together

Before Covid happened, people usually complained about not having enough time for work-out and gymming. Now, life has come to this when you do not move out of your homes, for days to come. This is the time when you can actually plan out a workout routine with your partner and pledge to becoming a fitter person. 

You can download any online fitness training app and try yoga, strength training, conditioning, etc, right at your home. Since you would do this as a couple's thing, you can keep a track of each other’s fitness goals and motivate your partner in achieving the set fitness goals. Also to shop sports, products & accessories at a cheaper price, use Adidas Promo codes & Discount Deals.

4. Have a Game Night

You need not have love and romantic time as your only couple goal! You can also go for some kind of intellectual stimulation, with your partner. Challenge your partner in that game of Mandala or Sequence (yea, you can also play scrabbles!), and make it your trivial night ritual! 

If you want to make it teamwork and win together, then you can opt to play Puzzles. You would not believe it, but playing a board game is extremely relaxing and a good way to spend some quality time together.

7 Activities Couples Can Do Together During Quarantine

5. Start an Indoor Garden

If you are one of those couples who love to see fruits and veggies growing in their home, then you should definitely start your own indoor garden. This works like a therapy wherein you put in efforts in arranging pots and planting seeds and see the results in a few weeks’ time. 

It is an amazing feeling to see veggies and fruits grow out from the seeds that you planted with your partner. You can also plant healthy herbs like thyme, mint, lemongrass, coriander, etc, in your indoor garden. The bright side of this activity is you get to eat absolutely natural and fresh produce!

6. Try Cooking Together

Deciding what to eat and then cooking the dish together is the new couple's goal for this quarantine. Once you start cooking together, you realize that such a small process also needs a great deal of communication and teamwork. 

When both the partners share the responsibility of such an important daily task, no one feels burdened up, which ultimately leads to a peaceful environment in the home; it helps to rekindle the faded chemistry between the partners. If you are too lazy to cook from the scratch, you can also get prepared ingredients from several online stores, and get started.

7. Binge and Chill

This is one thing that has kept the couples going, even in quarantine times. Right from Netflix & Prime Video to Dimsum & iflix, couples have created an account in all the possible OTT platforms and have binge-watched various movies and web series. 

In fact, it has become a ritual amongst the couple that if they have started a web series together, they would watch all the episodes together! It is a kind of sweet and nurturing thing, for a relationship.


Pandemic time has been really hard on humanity as a whole; you need to be conscious enough that you will do everything possible, to maintain a harmonious relationship with your partner. This time can get overwhelming but powerful couples are fighting it out as warriors!

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