Tutorial How to Repair USB Pendrive You need to format before use


Yesterday I have some problem to used my USB. When I open it, suddenly pop up "you need to format before use" and I was WHAT?? I asked my brother and he said that it can be fix, you just need to download a software to retrieve all the data.


Tutorial How to Repair USB Pendrive You need to format before use

I don't want to format or delete the data because there were so many pictures in my pen drive. My memories. If you don't format, you can't open the USB. So what should I do to fix this problem?

Alhamdulillah, don't worry. I have a solution for you. You can restore you data without format your pen drive. And I did it last night. 

1. Download software "findandmount". This is the link (http://findandmount.com/download/). Install on your PC/Laptop. 

2. After installing the software, you can see your USB FLASH DRIVE. Click on that. Select the “Thorough Scan” and click on “Scan” and wait. Just wait....

3. After scan it will show the partitions, if you got more than one partition its better to check both. But I have only one partition. Now right click on partition and click on “Mount As” and give device letter like j,k,l,m,n….. and click on “ok”

4. You will get all your data from USB pen drive just copy all data and paste it into hard drive. It takes a few hours depends on how large your data is. For me, it takes all night to retrieve the data. So, make sure you have enough battery on laptop. 

5. Lastly, select and right click on USB and click on “Unmount”, now you can format your pen drive and reuse with ease. 

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