How Can I Stop My Child Becoming Overweight?

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Children, quite naturally,come in all different shapes and sizes. But if your child is classed as clinically overweight, it puts her at increased risk of becoming obese in the future and makes it much more likely she may develop a host of serious diseases such as arthritis, stroke and several other serious diseases are linked to obesity.

How Can I Stop My Child Becoming Overweight?

If you are concerned about your child's weight there are two issues that need to be highlight. The first is exercise. According to research, today's children eat fewer calories than their predecessors, but they are heavier because they're much more sedentary.

Computer games, too much TV, driving your child everywhere and a lack of organised sport at school all needed to be highlighted if you want your child to be a healthy weight.

The second way to prevent your child piling on excess pound is to make sure her calories intake matches her calorie expenditure. The healthy eating suggestions must be appropriate to your child's age.

Keep an eye on portion sizes. The easy way to do this is to buy slightly smaller dinner plates

In addition: 
  • Encourage your child to recognize when she is full. Which mean that you have to stop encouraging her to finish up everything on her plate.
  • Look at the eating habit of the whole family. Perhaps there are broader changes you need to make. 
  • Remember that what you don't buy, your child can't eat. Healthy eating begins with the way you fill your shopping trolley.


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