What You Should Know About Writing a Resume?

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Writing your very first resume is a very challenging task. You don’t know what to include, what to leave out and if you’re a student or recently graduated, you don’t know how to deal with experience section. What You Should Know About Writing a Resume?

Resume in French language is summary. Curriculum Vitae (CV) in Latin language is field of life – ‘course of life’. Resume or Curriculum Vitae (CV) is the candidate's personal information (individual looking for work) to enable prospective employers to review candidate information applying for a job or position offered.

It facilitates employers to examine the skills and qualifications candidates include experience acquired by candidates in short period of time, accurate and comprehensive. 

Therefore, candidate resume should be simple, concise and interesting. This is because it is the 'first impression’ on prospective employers either attracted to a candidate or not.

Good and effective resume has a clear focus of qualifications required in a job or position offered. Sensitivity to highlight potential Requirements / Conditions as required by the employer to make a resume is better and more effective.

Candidates should also have information about potential employers offering vacancies and not just focus to the positions offered by them only. This reflects the passion and enthusiasm from candidate for the position he / she to held.

Matter of Concern:
1. Normal resume usually much less two pages. However its depend on what info to list down on resume.
2. Must be look tidy and easily readable.
3. Clearly stated the strength and expertise, by the candidate and owned the ability to fulfill requirements of potential employers.
4. The language used should be clear with no weaknesses or errors of language, do not use slang or use bombastic language.
5. Information about work experience, education, skills and volunteer work must be written the date and a summary of the given task.
6. State clearly the objectives or goals of the candidate.
7. Please list all the activities have attended by the candidate chronologically by date or years. In addition, state interest and candidate susceptibility (related to the position offered) including reference list and the referee.

The Things To Avoid By Candidate in Preparing A Resume:
1. DO NOT prepare a resume without reference to the proper format.
2. DO NOT use the same beginning sentences or start with 'I or My'.
3. DO NOT underline or italic word.
4. DO NOT use different types of shapes, font or letters.
5. DO NOT state the reason why resignation for those who have to work / have work experience.

The Approach Used in Producing Resume:
1. Chronological:
1. Listing the work experience in order. Most individuals use this type to apply for any position.
2. Commonly used by individuals who have work experience to apply for other jobs or better one

This format used when:
  • The applicant are always involve in any activities consistently and experience acquired give credit to he / she for new position applied or owned position now.
2. Functional:
This type of resume lists the specific skills of applicants, experience, and preferences available to the applicant. It is suitable to the applicant or student who has never had any official work experience.

This format used when:
  • For those who are new to apply for any job or newly graduated.
3. Scanable and Electronic:
This is the latest type that was introduced in line with the development of technology.

Tips to produced such resume:
  • For those who are new to apply for any job or newly graduated.


1. Passport photo.
2. Personal particulars.
3. Educational level.
4. The courses have been followed.
5. List out of skills (if any).
6. Name of reference (referee).

If you have any tips about how to write a good resume, you can share in the comment :)

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  1. good sharing sis.. kdg main hentam keromo je buat resume.. kne buat simple tapi padat kan.. kalau byk pages sgt pon, xde sape nk tgk jugak.. haha

  2. Info yg sgt bagus..
    Kadang2 org kite ni main cnp je org punya

  3. cara betul buat resume mmg mempengaruhi pengambilan pekerja sb bagi kaka sndiri yang interview candidate ni kira resume adalah 1st penilaian selepas penampilan seseorang tu, bagi kaka la =)

  4. now, mudah nak dpt idea utk resume.
    template is everywhere.
    maka, create a good one. resume tu = 1st impression.

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