When To Start Introducing Semi-solid & Solid Food To An Infant?

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In most cases feeding typically begins once four months older. It's once the infant’s gastrointestinal (digestive) system is mature enough to digest differing kinds of semi-solid or solid food. 

There are signs to indicates that kid is currently able to consume food (other than breast milk).

When to start introducing semi-solid & solid food (signs & indicators) to an infant?

  • Can sit with little or with no support, and able to control his/her head
  • Showing interest in the food parents are eating
  • Gets hungry fast (e.g: soon after breast feeding or after frequent breastfeeding).
  • Try to grab food from hand/ opening mouth when parents eat
  • Can control his/her tongue better
  • Likes to put things into the mouth often
  • Begins to develop teeth
  • Starts to make chewing motions or up-down munching movements

How to start introducing semi-solid & solid food?

  • Introduce only 1 new food at a time (e.g: blended plain rice porridge). Once infant gets used to it then may introduce the second type of food from other food groups.
  • Food taste and texture must be suitable and right for infant’s stage of development
  • Apply the 4 Day Rule – wait for 4 days after introducing the new food. This will help to determine either the infants likes the food or may also help to detect allergy.
  • Feeds as soon as the infant gets hungry before loses his/her appetite.
  • Depending on infant’s ability and age, small cube/size of food can be put in his/her hand
  • Starts with only a small amount of food and gradually increase as the infant gets older.
  • Parents must not feed an infant with distraction such as noise, TV, toys, friends, etc for an infant to enjoy a meal and eat well.
  • Infants must be introduced to different types of suitable food only once at a time by applying the 4 Day Rule.
  • Once the infant has been introduced to the suitable and relevant food types, starts serving the combination in a single meal.

Do Not : 

  1. Mix different food together in 1 meal when first introduce semi-solid food to an infant.
  2. Give small size dice-cut solid food, nuts, grains, or seeds to infant at all.
  3. Force fed or over fed infant with food. Stop feeding when the infant starts to turn his/her head away from food or shows disinterest in the food.

That's all for the tips!

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  1. Info berguna untuk baby baru.Sertai segmen tonton ucing nak try irama melayu.(^_^).

  2. A very informative post I would say for the parents who just started to have their first baby. :)

    1. Hahaha..
      For me this kind of entry is for everyone.. It's also gives benefit for those who have younger sibling 😊.. Thanks Syed for comment ..

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