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Smart homes have been creating a buzz since the concept was released to the public. They are all about using technology to make living spaces more convenient and efficient.
In such a home, you will find that all appliances, security systems, lights, and other devices have internet connection and sit on a network. Owners and residents can then control these via a computer, tablet, or smartphone, even when they are not on the premises. 

On paper, it looks like a very cool invention. Picture yourself all cozy in your smart house, playing the games you love on a premium gaming site like 7Slots Online. Must be a wonderful feeling, right?

However, just like with everything else in the world, these houses have a positive and negative aspect. Let’s look into some of the pros and cons that these homes showcase.

Smart Home

Things to Know: The Good and the Bad Sides of Smart Homes


Now, there are several top pros that make people want these cozy smart homes. Let’s dig
deeper into it!

  • Convenience: One of the most apparent benefits of having a smart home is the convenience it offers. Owners enjoy great flexibility regarding the management and control of their living space, including security and energy usage. With such a house, you no longer have to stress about things like leaving the stove on when you are miles away on vacation.

  • Easier Life and Enhanced Comfort: Today’s smart home appliances are something else. A majority come with self-learning skills. These enable them to learn the house owner's schedule and make adjustments where required. For instance, if a house has lighting control, the residents get to enjoy a reduction in electricity usage, subsequently benefitting from energy-related savings in costs. The devices also create a higher level of comfort for residents. By automating tasks, adjusting various settings like temperatures to suit a person’s preference, they ensure an individual enjoys optimal comfort throughout the day/night.

  • Better Security: Among the most important perks of having a smart house is that you can rest easy knowing that your security is always sorted. A majority of house automation systems usually alert the owners if any motion is detected when they are away. The move can help catch burglars or other individuals with bad intentions, like stalkers, in real time. Some systems will even go the extra mile to call the authorities, say the police or fire department, in the event of imminent situations. It can either be from water leaks, smoke detectors going off, or carbon monoxide detection.

  • Personalization: Smart houses can be as simple or as complex as you choose. It’s good to note that there is no “one-size-fits-all” solution. You can choose to either take advantage of a single device or more than 20 depending on what you prefer. Home automation is usually adaptable depending on several factors. These can include whether you rent or own, how much of the space you want to automate, and the amount of money you are willing to spend on the process. The options available for anyone who wants to automate their living spaces are diverse. It gives you the freedom to automate the entire house or just a couple of rooms, depending on what you like.


After learning about so many perks of smart homes, it is now time to discuss some of the cons they may possess. Some of these include:
  • Incompatible Technology: Despite all the conveniences that a person can enjoy in a bright living space, at times, the devices in this network may not be compatible. Normally, this depends on the operating system and the manufacturer of a device, which implies that it may not function well with your voice assistant or hub. It means that an individual has to be very careful when shopping for these devices. Avoid going for the most popular in the market; instead, ensure that all the devices work well with each other. A pro tip is to pick an ecosystem first: whether it's Apple, Google, or Amazon to pick the devices that will guarantee seamless use.

  • Internet and Power Outages: Naturally, smart homes are only as good as the connections that make them possible to operate. If your neighborhood experiences a power outage, it may mean that your house will automatically be offline. It is because the home internet, most of the time, needs a router to be plugged in. A double outage would be disastrous in the sense that you will no longer be in control of your home.

Always Weigh the Pros and Cons

Before you embark on anything, whether it is building a smart home or any other projects, it is always advisable to keenly study the pros and cons. It is the only way you will get to learn what it is all about and whether it is a wise decision to go ahead or leave it out altogether.

Looking into the cons also helps you avoid many problems in the future because you already know what works for a system and what does not.

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  1. I've always been intrigued by smart homes, but there were just so many aspects to consider. The convenience and security aspects sound amazing, but those compatibility issues and potential outages are definitely something to keep in mind!

    Lenne |

  2. Saya jadi ingat suatu film di mana rumahnya benar2 smart home dengan teknologi tinggi. Tapi suatu saat si owner kecelakaan di wajah, yg membuat sensory facial recognition nya tak bisa mengenali wajah owner yg luka parah 😄. Memang hanya film, tapi terkadang hal seperti ini bisa saja terjadi dalam smart home yg terlalu canggih 🤭

  3. setuju kena senaraikan pro and cons utk tgk sesuai atau tak dgn kita

  4. Baru terbaca pasal rumah yang rosak smart door dan tuan dia tak bawak master key masa keluar. Jadi instead of pecahkan pintu, dia sewa crane untuk masuk ke rumah dari pintu balcony. Lebih jimat sebab kos sewa crane RM500 je compare to pecahkan pintu

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