TRAPO MALAYSIA : Capture Your Drive Like Never Before with the TRAPO I-SIGHT Dashcam T-350!


Embark on a visual journey with the TRAPO I-SIGHT Dashcam T-350, meticulously designed to provide you with unrivaled clarity and an array of advanced features.

1. Crystal Clear 2K Resolution

Equipped with a high-resolution 2K front camera (2560 x 1440P), the T-350 captures every detail with precision, ensuring you never miss a single moment on the road. From breathtaking landscapes to unexpected incidents, it's all in stunning clarity.

2. Reliable Super Capacitor

Our innovative Super Capacitor ensures reliable power storage, guaranteeing your precious recordings are secure even in the most extreme weather conditions. You can always count on your T-350, come rain or shine.


3. Effortless Voice Control

Experience a new level of convenience with Voice Command. Control your dashcam effortlessly with just your voice, keeping your hands on the wheel and your focus where it should be - on the road ahead.

4. Built-in GPS

Navigate your journeys with confidence! The T-350 comes equipped with a built-in GPS that records your precise location and speed. This valuable data can be crucial in case of incidents, providing you with the evidence you need when it matters most.

Trapo i-SIGHT Dashcam T-350

The TRAPO I-SIGHT Dashcam T-350 is more than just a dashcam; it's your reliable companion for safe and clear road recording. 

With its exceptional resolution, dependable power source, intuitive Voice Command, and GPS tracking, it's the perfect choice to capture and protect your driving experiences. 

Elevate your road adventures with the T-350 and drive with confidence. Choose the TRAPO I-SIGHT Dashcam T-350 today!

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