What is Your Intellifluence Herd Worth?

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Intellifluence Herd Worth Badge

1. What is Herd Worth?

Herd Worth is our proprietary metric that represents the estimated dollar value of an influencer’s entire audience – factoring in all followers from valid social networks, compensation data, engagement rates, market value fluctuations among other similar influencers, and historical transaction stats – to name just a few! 

It makes it easier for brands to create attractive pitches. It also makes it easier for influencers to price their work when creating flat rate Influencer Offers.

2. How can I increase my Herd Worth?

While there are many factors that go into determining your Herd Worth, there are steps you can take to encourage a higher value:

1. Work to grow your social media following in an organic manner. 

Yes, this is often easier said than done, but putting in the work to gain loyal followers who engage with your content will encourage the best results.

2. Create an Influencer Offer. 

This will increase your chances of working with brands, as they can pitch you at the rates you set for your services. The more active you are as an influencer, the higher your Herd Worth!

3. Apply for Marketplace Opportunities. 

Don’t be shy. We only show you Marketplace opportunities that you qualify for, so apply for any and all that you think are a good fit. Not seeing a lot of opportunities? We can help.

3. How frequently is my Herd Worth updated?

Currently, Herd Worth values are updated on a quarterly basis.

4. Is my Herd Worth different than my minimum accepted cash value?

Yes. Herd Worth takes all social accounts into consideration to provide an estimated total audience value. Intellifluence campaigns are focused on single social networks (or blogs), so your minimum accepted cash value should represent the minimum amount you are willing to accept for posting one time on a single social network.

5. Can I let others know about my Herd Worth?

Absolutely! From your influencer dashboard, you will see your Herd Worth badge next to your bio. Click Show off your Badge! to share your Herd Worth on all your social networks.

Intellifluence Herd Worth Badge


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