Pillow Thoughts By Courtney Peppernell [My Favourite Quotes]

Pillow Thoughts By Courtney Peppernell

Pillow Thoughts is a collection of poetry and prose about heartbreak, love and raw emotions. It is divided into sections to read when you feel you need them most. Make a cup of tea and let yourself feel.

Pillow Thoughts By Courtney Peppernell [My Favourite Quotes]

1. I am in awe of even the way you walk, and yet you walk right past me.

2. But what else am I supposed to do
when your hair is soft and your eyes are blue.
And my heart turns over at the sound of your name
only you smile at me the way friends usually do.
I am more of a mess than a rainy day
because you have no idea I feel this way.

3. The aches in my arms still surprise me, even years after letting you go.

4. We cannot all be artists
and I must admit I do not know how to paint
But if I were to take a palette
all my colours would be of you.

5. Love is not always roses, honey and tea. Sometimes it is difficult being you, and
sometimes it is difficult being me. And in the night if we are restless and our
love struggles to make sense, know that I will fight for us. Because I love you,
and I know that you love me.

6. They say don’t fall in love with writers
because their poems
are messy
and their letters
are empty words
dressed up to look pretty.
But I say
fall in love with me
because underneath the mess
and in between the lines
is a heart too full of love
that would follow you to any city.

7. Love,
I know in my heart without a doubt
even if I can never find the words to say
You are the one I am crazy about,
you are the one I fall for every day.
When everything doesn’t feel right
I look at you
my sun, my moon, the morning light
my happiness when all is blue.
With you I am always safe
and every day you make my heart race.
You are my home, my friend,
my saving grace.

8. Of all the maps in the world, the only one I will follow is the map to your heart.

9. Love makes us both happy and sad and there is not a soul alive that has been
able to understand why.

10. But the world is exhausted, and the only wealth we have left is love.

11. Perhaps it’s just easier to smile and pretend everything is fine, rather than admit
my heart’s a little swollen from losing something that wasn’t even mine.

12. in the end
as in you and me
were never
meant to be.

13. I never really knew how much the heart breaks
until I was lying next to you
and you were thinking about someone else.

14. I loved what we had too
The only difference was that I saw it as
and you saw it as
just for now.

15. You spend your whole life convincing yourself you are a chapter worth
following, and then someone comes along and doesn’t want to read the ending
and suddenly the whole story falls apart.

16. When you are wounded, sometimes it’s best to retreat and heal. But do not stay
hidden for too long, because all wounds need air.

17. That’s the thing about moving on. You are never going to find a love quite like
the one before. The key is to stop wanting the same things and embrace the
things to come.

18. My therapist asked, “How do you prepare for the day?”
And I replied, “I count my lies, find my mask and pretend it isn’t easier to fly

19. But solitude can be a dangerous thing. All that comfort found lost in your own
thoughts. It is easy to stay and never return, but braver to walk through the
tunnel and out the other side.

20. I just wanted you to know
That I’ll never care
How far you push me away
Because when I told you
That I would stay
I meant it.
You’re a little lost
And a little damaged
But you’re not hopeless.
I know who you are
I love who you are
And that’s why I’ll stay
So you learn to love
Yourself too.

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