Use of Fractions in Business Strategies

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Fractions are commonly used in business applications, you may need to convert fractions into percentages and vice versa. A business is all about strategy and a counter strategy to survive in a competitive marketing environment. 

You can use the fraction calculator to determine the tendency of clients towards your business. In the same way, fractional analysis is good to predict the tendency of the future market. It may be quite easy to convert fractions into decimals and percentages by fraction calculator online. 

You can make various business decisions by fractions, decimals, and percentages. Businesses are using various strategies like tendency and fractional analysis to identify what is the nature of their prospective market.

Business Strategies

There are different uses of fractions in businesses and we are discussing some of them here in this article.

Tendency Analysis of consumer:

Considering you are running a fashion shop, it is essential to forecast the future tendency of consumers. This can only be done by conducting a fractional analysis of consumers. Consider during a certain month week that 38 consumers visited the shop, among them 23 were female shoppers.

  • Number of consumers = 38
  • Number of female consumers = 23

You need to conduct a tendency analysis:
  • Female consumer = (Female consumers/ Total consumers)
  • Female consumer = 23/38

You can use the dividing fractions calculator to find the answer.

Female consumer % age:
  • Female consumer = 0.61
  • Female consumer = 0.61
  • Female consumer % age = 0.61(100)
  • Female consumer % age = 61 %

Male Consumer % age:
  • Male consumers = 38 - 23 = 15
  • Male consumers = 15/38
  • Male consumers = 0.39
  • Male consumers = (0.39) 100
  • Male consumers = 39 %

Use a fraction calculator to identify the relative response of male and female clients and customers. This can be the difference between a successful business and an average business.

How to use Tendency Analysis?

Tendency analysis is used to finger out the tendency of various clients towards our brand.

From the above example, we can draw the following conclusion:

61% of clients are women and 39 % male clients. It means women are visiting you more frequently at your Fashion store. You need to focus more on female brands and clothes as compared to male clothes. You need to invest more in female clothes as compared to male. Tendency analysis in a way helps to regulate your investments.

Businesses are all about strategy and a counter strategy in a marketing environment. If you are using online tools like a fraction calculator, then you can conduct the tendency analysis. 

You can mold your business strategy the data analysis. You may need to add different kinds of fractions like mixed fraction and improper fractions. Whatever the kind of fraction, adding a fractions calculator can add them.

You need to break the mixed fraction, then convert it into a proper or an improper fraction. Then it is possible to add the two types of fractions. 

But online tools can make the whole procedure just too simple for the users. You find the division and multiplications of various kinds of fractions, simply by this tool. You need quick answers to queries when doing business.


Online help can revitalize your knowledge of fractions and tendency analysis would become a little easy for you. You can formulate a strategy for your business and can be more competitive by using a subtracting fractions calculator. 

This may result in better profitability and revenue generation. Business trends are going to change with time, and it is essential to recognize the nature of the market and its demographics. 

Without knowing the demographics of a business, it can be quite difficult to become a renowned brand in a marketplace.

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