What You Didn’t Know About Omega Watches

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Wristwatches are the most popular accessories in the world. They are worn by men, women and children. 

For sports or outdoor activities, you will be able to find watch models for such activities. Among the whole variety of watches, Omega watches deserve special attention. 

Such models stand out from their counterparts with an attractive design and extended functionality. The best thing with Omega watches is that you can use it for any activity. 

For instance, you can play athletics, yachting and also swimming. What else would you want if not this impeccable watch model?


Amazing Features of Omega Watches

Omega is one of the most famous and oldest manufacturers of Swiss luxury watches. The brand was founded back in 1848, but it does not lose its position in modern times. 

His main achievement was the production of the 19-line calibre, which revolutionized the watch industry. But these are not all of its advantages. Detailed information about Omega watches is presented here.

1. Body material

You can buy an Omega wristwatch with any budget because the brand's collection includes products from a wide variety of materials. 

This customer focus is good news! The luxury category contains watches with a case made of gold. 

Interestingly, the brand actively uses yellow alloy, while other manufacturers gradually abandon it in favour of white. 

Meanwhile, all new Omega collections are dominated by rose gold watches. It is the brand's favourite metal. It has a delicate pinkish tint that looks equally beautiful on both a man's and a woman's wrists.

The more affordable Omega watches are crafted from traditional stainless steel, titanium and ceramic.

2. Mechanism

The range of the brand includes both mechanical and quartz watches. This is surprising since most Swiss manufacturers have given up on quartz movements. 

But the main focus of Omega is still on mechanical movements. It is not surprising because they are the most reliable, durable and high quality.

Until 2007, the brand purchased mechanical calibres from third-party companies, now it produces them independently at its factories. Their main distinguishing feature is the co-axial escapement, which reduces friction, silicon details and chronometric precision.


3. Functionality

The manufacturer equips the watch with various functions, which makes its use even more convenient and practical. Most classic models provide such additional functions as date display, world time, lunar indicator, perpetual calendar.

Professional watches use a chronograph, tachymeter scale, rotating bezel and even a heart rate monitor. And diving models even have a dive time calculation function.

The most expensive models from the premium segment are distinguished by high watchmaking art.

Final Thoughts

Gone are the days when wristwatches were an indispensable instrument for time. In this modern world, various watches are being used for multiple purposes. 

The wristwatch market has moved to another market niche where more and more wristwatches serve as an accessory that emphasizes a person's status and sense of fashion. 

For whatever purposes a wristwatch is purchased, it's an expertly made mechanism to serve you for a long time.

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