3 Ways To Teach Kids Patience


Patience is not about your kids personality. It's something that you can teach them. Here are 3 Ways To Teach Kids Patience.

1. Practice waiting

Start early teaching them that waiting is the part of life. Get a timer and every time they ask for something set a timer for a minute. 

In this way, a kid who don't really understand what a minute feels like, or what a five minutes feels like, they will understand the concept of time. They will know what they can handle of what they can wait for. 

Every time they ask you again, you just reset the timer. And another fun way to practice patience is to play board game together with your kids. 

2. Reward Patience The Right Way

If you bring them to grocery store or supermarket and if they behave really well just give them a little treat at the end. But you can't give them something that they asked for. 

Otherwise they will just gonna ask for everything in the store the entire time and it will drag you crazy. So much better when a reward a little bit surprise and when it's mom's idea. 

3. Teach Distraction

Distraction is the key to patience. It's turning your child's attention away from what they want. If you ever met an adult that has any impulse control that because they learn to distract themselves at the young age. 

So, if you are standing in the line or sitting in the restaurant just play game like truth and lies. They will figure out things about you that the thing that they never knew before. 

So you are teaching kids instead of frustrated, here's are opportunity to have fun. 

Sii Nurul

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  1. prkongsian yg bagus untuk para ibu melatih anak2.. bukan snang nk buat anak2 bersabar..

  2. Bagus ini.. Melatih anak bersabar memang cabaran..

  3. wow. bagus ni.
    especially yg first tu.
    anak-anak kecik ni kekadang tahap sabar diorang skit.
    tq for sharing.

  4. that why rabia ambik kos pendidikan awal kanak2 ni

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