6 Types of Malaysians We Hate


Today I'm going to share a very clear direction and that is to tell you the types of Malaysians who really get into your nerves. Every part of it. And for your information there are actually quite a number of bad Malaysian's behavior which is truly unbearable.

But, I have decided to show you the short list only 6 types but main types of Malaysians who we are really really hate. Let's get down to it.

1. Irresponsible drivers  (yang suka side parking)

The first types of Malaysian we hate is irresponsible drivers who parks everywhere. Parks here, parks there, side parking, double parking and so on without even a form of courtesy to leave their phone number. (kasi tinggal nombor telepon by the side of the tingkap at least). 

These people they think the road is own by their grandmother's cousin parent you know. It is perfectly understandable to double park if you can’t find any parking or are in a rush. 

However, it is courtesy, if not, compulsory to leave your contact details on your windshield or dashboard in case the car you are blocking needs to get out. 

Either that or keep an eye on your car in case the owner of the car you are blocking gets back to his or her car and needs to back out. People who do not leave their contact or even keep an eye on their car are irresponsible, inconsiderate, should surrender their license to JPJ.

2. Somebody Who Owe Money But Never Pay Back

The second one of Malaysian that we really hate is somebody who owes money from you but never pay back. (Pandai pinjam tapi tidak pandai bayar balik). 

The concept is very simple you owe money from somebody else, and after certain period of time you pay. If you cannot pay, you just need to tell the person. 

Inform the person that "I am sorry I may not be able to pay you as promise because I am still in financially problem and something bla bla. Unfortunately, I couldn't pay you". That's all FULLSTOP!

What I am going to tell is communication could heal situation. But sometimes people choose to let the operators speak to the person. (Of course lah orang akan marah bhaaa, di call ndaa mengangkat! Adooiii~) 

The sad things about this is that it could ruin a friendship, relationship and devastatingly it could damage your reputation image as an individual. 

3. Vapes and Smokes

The third one are these two sort of individual.The first one are smokers. And the second one are vapers. Listen here my fellow smokers and vapers, if you want to smoke or vape go ahead.

No one gonna stop you from doing what you do. But at least look at your surrounding. If there is an infant, pregnant lady or old women please and please don't smoke or vape in front of them. Because they will get disease from the smoke of nicotine do you understand?

4. Likes To Waste Food

The fourth types of Malaysian that we hate is this somebody who loves and enjoys to waste food.  (Sikit-sikit buang makanan, ayam tepi gigit tepi belum kena gigit buang, sayur daun di makan tapi tak suka batang sayur dibuang).

While there are countries in the world today who are experiencing from starvation (hunger) but we just throw all the food. Let me tell you something if you want to collect all these wasted food, you would have been able to feed a community.

5. Unpunctual

The fifth type of Malaysian you really hate but you can't hate because you are doing the same thing too (and myself sometimes hehehe~) Does not need an introduction, just TWO WORDS! Malaysian time. 

You know what the best words we use everyday that related to time? OTW (On The Way). That's our Malaysian habit. "Kau di mana sekarang ni?" ... "Jap aku tengah OTW". Padahal masih pakai "Santut" opps!

6. Scatter Rubbish Publicly

The last one is somebody who loves to throw rubbish publicly especially from out of the window. It is not because they lack awareness, people know that they shouldn’t be flushing rubbish down the toilet, but they don’t seem to care. This wrong attitude has become part and parcel of our lifestyle.

Anyone who know something ironic about this situation is when all Malaysian gather together will start saying to each other "You know Malaysia could never be develop because we are still uncivilized. Our mind and our soul is still in third class mentality." 

But as you know, people who throw rubbish publicly is no class bro! In Tokyo, they don't provide rubbish bin in public places. Yet their park and street are clean. However, in Malaysia, our ethic and value is still low comparable with others. Hope will be able to change. Because no rubbish bin can dispose of this weak mentality. 

Sii Nurul

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  1. Kalau Hana yang paling annoy is the smokers... #TolonglahPupus!! hahaha ^^

  2. I hate all of the listed above. I was shocked over the news where a boy died because an irresponsible person decided to throw a freaking chair from the upper floor of an apartment. Like how stupid and lazy that you can be?


    1. Aish t'lampau juga pemalas.. Dah lahr malas, cederakan org lg..

  3. yaaa! geram je rasa dengan perangai masing masing lagi-lagi part buang sampah merata tu ish! and selalu juga berharap yang smokers ni kalau makan kat kedai makan boleh tak duduk sekelompok , ni semua sudut kedai ada smokers boleh pengsan saya haih :')

  4. agreed nurul.
    akak ni sedaya upaya utk elak jadik 6 jenis manusia tu.
    all the time.
    in shaa Allah...

  5. Pretty true :'( Jom jadi Malaysian yang lebih baik!

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