Puisi 02 : He Is Special


Whenever I catch myself 
My eyes are on him 
I just can't look at anyone else 

I catch myself thinking about him all the time 
and his face always appear in my mind 
before I go to sleep 

I never felt this way about anyone before 
so I thought these feelings were something special 
I want to know more about him and 
my own feelings 

I don't understand my own feelings 
I want to understand them 
I want to know 
Maybe I'll understand if I start talking to him 

I wonder if I'll find my answer 
When did I start liking him? 
What made me start liking him? 
What made me realize he was special? 

Are those questions that need to be answered logically? 

When I became aware of it 
I realized he'd always been special to me 
I can't even compare him to anyone else 

So, if you can compare someone with others 
does that make them special? 

17 Feb 2017, 3.26 AM | www.siinurul.com